A is for Assistant!


YOU! Yes, you there! You are an assistant, period. You will never be anything else. You are marked with a big A on your chest that lets everyone know that A is for Assistant and that is all you are.

Have you ever felt like this before? I know I have…I know I do now. 

I feel like I have a big “A”on my chest that lets everyone know that since I started out as an assistant in my career that is all I will ever be. It is frustrating, demeaning, and unfair.

During college I started out in the computer science field but decided that the programming field was not for me at the time. I have always loved using computers so I decided to combine two of my favorite things…learning about people and using computers. I left college with an A.A. in Sociology and A.A.S. in Office Administration (Administrative Assisting). I thought I was doing great over ten years ago when my first “real job” was a nice gig paying $10 an hour! Little did I know, I was pigeonholing myself into a field that was oftentimes overworked, thankless, and demoralizing.

I know that some really enjoy being an Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Receptionist, Office Assistant…whatever you would like to call it and that is great! It is the best when you find a field you can really enjoy and your employers and coworkers appreciate you but these past few years I have not been so fortunate.

Remember when I said I was doing great making $10 an hour over ten years ago? Well as of today I have a lot more experience and have gotten the chance to work in different companies, train new hires, assist vice presidents, and more…..and I currently make about $11 an hour. I realize that money is not everything and at the beginning it was okay because my coworkers and supervisors seemed to appreciate my dedication and efficiency.

Today however I am almost weekly given more work to do because some of my coworkers do not do a good job so instead of retraining or other measures, the work is taken from those workers and given to me to do instead.This was a great honor at first until it started happening on such a frequent basis. So yes, frustration sets in along with resentment and burnout; it goes down hill from there.

I’ve searched online to find how others have dealt with these same issues and the articles I see seem to be written for employees that have actual power or any say at all in their position. I don’t know about you but I have no power at all. I can suggest ways to train the inefficient coworkers but am told that I just need to do the work, period.

I created this site so others that feel trapped in this (mostly) thankless field can get together and share war stories, encouraging stories, advice, and just be a place where you can talk with others that know what you are going through. I hope those that take a look at the forums can find a place they can vent but also share some laughs. This is also a way that I can get out my own frustrations and vent aloud while I try desperately to get out of this field. I am currently taking a web design class and studying Japanese. Wish me luck!

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