Is this an office or a night club?


All the windows and doors around the office area are shut. When you walk in the front door you can hear music playing and loud bass; it is muffled somewhat but it is clearly there. At times you can hear someone signing along to the thumping music from the back of the office. This is what I have to deal with; sometimes on a daily basis. At times I want to ask, “Is this an office or a night club that I’m working at?”

Readers may think I’m being too picky. Some may say, “Come on, a little music to brighten the day or break through the working silence isn’t too bad.” I would say, yes, I agree with you. Having a little music playing softly is usually not an issue in offices. I think sometimes having music on is the only thing that helps you not scream out of boredom or frustration. However, when the music is from premium computer speakers with a huge bass box that is turned up almost as loud as it can go then it IS an issue. I have such an issue in my office.

I have asked this person to turn the music down, that it is way too loud and can be heard even outside the office with everything shut up, and that it gives me an awful headache but to no avail. This coworker seems to think it is amusing to turn the music up very loud and sing along with no consideration whatsoever for other coworkers’ feelings or ears. Most of the time I would continue to ask said coworker to turn the music down or go to a supervisor with the complaint if it got too bad. However, what do you do when it is the supervisor that is blasting the music?!

I would never be so inconsiderate as to blast loud, sometimes very obnoxious, music loud enough that it and my singing could be heard from a waiting room with the doors shut. Please keep in mind; we are still talking about an office space and not your own home. I can understand that some may have true hearing issues but even so, out of consideration for others, you should not have your music at full blast in an office with other people. It makes it very hard to concentrate and feeling/hearing the *boom boom* of the bass speaker just makes me want to scream. If you choose to have your music up loudly then use freaking earbuds, am I right?

As I’ve said, it is not just the loud music but it is also the singing along being done. It is just so frustrating and there is nothing to be done since this is a supervisor we are talking about. I get more upset when I think about it because I cannot comprehend why someone would be so darn inconsiderate when I am always trying to be considerate of my offices mates.

Have you ever had a supervisor do something like this in your office?

If so, what was done about it? Anything?

Did speaking with the rude and inconsiderate supervisor or coworker help any?

I’m at my wits end. I would swear that it sounds like a night club more than an office at times. I don’t understand what is so amusing when someone politely asks you to turn it down a bit and you say to them, “Oh it’s fine!” and then do not turn it down. I just cringe when I’m typing away and I start hearing that god awful music start to play because then the loud bass thump will start along with the tormenting singing along that follows!

I know this is strictly a rant post but I had to get it off my chest. I appreciate music as much as anyone and maybe I am just sensitive to sounds but when you have to share a workplace with others a little consideration goes a long way.

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