Office Slave


I feel like an office slave.

I feel, that because I am an administrative assistant, it means I am supposed to do any job or duty that all other supervisors or employees do not want to do.

I feel abused, unappreciated, and taken advantage of and it is a terrible feeling.

I would love to know how it got into the business world that, more or less, admin/secretary/office worker equals office slave.

I know some will read this post and think I am just whining and to be quiet and do my job. But that is just it. I don’t just do my job. I do everyone else’s job as well. If a supervisor decides that I don’t look busy, they give me their work that they “just don’t have time for.” If a coworker doesn’t want to do something they complain to their own supervisor, which in turn, gives me the projects on top of my regular duties.

I feel like a dumping ground. Those that have not been in an admin/secretary/receptionist/office worker role does not know how bad this job can get. I never thought I would feel stuck in this position. I am too good at my job and juggling everyone else’s jobs to get promotions because my supervisor doesn’t want to let me go. If I slack off like some other employees do, I get reprimanded.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to “just go get another job” I would have a ton of dollars! It is so hard to get out of the office work/assistant rut when you get yourself in it. When you have many years of experience on your resume that is related to assistant type work it seems that is the only thing employers see you as. It does not seem to matter if I get more education either.

I feel like an office slave because I have no real say in anything. I am expected to sit for hours a day, take everyone’s crap, get paid a lot less that I’m worth, and smile during it all. If you dare to speak up about being dumped on by everyone you are reminded that you are replaceable and can be shown the door at anytime if you don’t like it. You are powerless and even more so when you need the job for the pay you do get or the benefits.

Admins are treated and paid the worst compared to most other positions I think. You are treated like you don’t matter and are just a warm body, yet, when you are gone the office about falls apart! Admins keep the office together and often times take the roles of managers but without the title and without the pay. It is a slap in the face to feel like a slave that doesn’t matter but it is obvious you do matter because nothing is done when you go on vacation and all the work is left for you when you come back. You know you matter but the employers sure will not acknowledge it. I applaud those employers that truly treat their admins and office workers with respect and pay them what they are worth.

We need to choose ourselves. We need to stop just obeying and taking the abuse. We all deserve to be treated better. Take some classes you are interested in, you never know what passion they may lead to. Apply for some jobs that you like but think you cannot get, you never know what may happen.

I am working on gaining hard skills to hopefully get out. What are you doing to get out of your office slavery rut? Taking classes? Applying to completely different positions? Let me know!

*Thank you to the game, Bioshock, for the amazing phrase used at the beginning of this post in the image!

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