What is Your Personality?


I usually do not put much stock in personality tests. Most seem to be rather generic and unhelpful. Some I’ve taken told me just the things I already know about myself; that I’m an introvert and I do well working alone and that is it. Not much help right?

Upon a recommendation from Skillcrush.com’s newsletter, I tried a new personality test from 16personalties.com. I was astonished. 

If you have ever wanted to try a personality test that actually gave you insightful information, I suggest you give 16personalities.com a try. I completed their questionnaire and got the free results and couldn’t stop reading because the free results were so long. I was expecting a short blurb on the personality assignment I was given but there was so much information given and it was so spot on that I decided to get my full paid results. This is rare for me to be spending money on something like a personality test since I am a cheapskate and skeptical, so this kind of tells you how impressed I was at the free results!

I found out I was an INTJ-T, which means I am Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging, and Turbulent. While I was reading my profile I found myself continually shaking my head “yes” at the traits they described and how one with these traits would act. The test gave me great insight on which other personalities I got along better with and how to deal with opposite personalities. It also gave a little insight on career paths and I found that a career path that was not suited for me was… Can you guess it? *ding ding* Administrative Assistant. I had to laugh at this result because during my college days I thought I would just love the admin roles. Now that I am older I’ve come to realize that, just as the personality test said, it is not the best fit for me.

The premium paid version of the results also lets you onto the area where other members discuss their careers and the personality types, which I found interesting. Some that I’ve talked to have said that the test did not match how they felt about themselves, so if you do not feel the test is accurate don’t feel bad; it may just not be for you. Not every personality test can get it right for every person so the positive results that I received are only my one little perspective out of many many others.

So if you have some spare time, I encourage you to take the free test and see what you get. Let me know in the comments. Did you find it informative? Did you find yourself shaking your head “yes” over and over or “no way” most of the time?

*I was not paid to review or take the personality test listed above. I just truly enjoyed the test and results and thought I would write about it.

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