Normal or Abuse?


It has gotten worse for me these last few weeks. I have been too upset to even write, my hair has starting falling out, and I feel extremely depressed often.

I find myself always questioning myself and the things going on at work. I think that I am in such a toxic environment that I cannot even tell what is normal workplace behavior or abuse.

I am being forced by my superiors to do other coworkers’ jobs and am told that I am not allowed to question it. Directly being told that I have to do others’ work if they do not want to…is that normal or abusive?

It all started with a policy change from a higher supervisor that has a habit of not telling others when a change is made. The good employees of the company make sure others know of any changes when they witness him making them. I am thankful to these people, otherwise myself and others would not know what is going on.

Recently, a change was made for each clerk in each of the separate offices to discontinue sending their local accounts’ paperwork out to my office. The decision was made by the higher supervisor after he was told (and he listened this time) about how each office is actually able to do their own paperwork and the current way of doing things is wasting time, money, and effort.

I was thrilled at this news! Finally, offices will take responsibility for their own paperwork! Yippie!!!

Weeks pass and I am still receiving the work from other offices. After contacting the offending office I get a call from the higher supervisor. This supervisor will not speak with me but requests to speak with my direct supervisor. I hear part of the conversation and my immediate supervisor is “throwing me under the bus,” telling the higher supervisor that we’ve always taken care of everyone’s paperwork and we can continue doing so. My supervisor made it seem like he did not believe it when I told him weeks ago about the policy change that this higher supervisor made.

After the phone call, I am called into the office and told this:

Per the higher supervisor, it is fine that the few offices that are doing their own work do so if they choose to. However, for the offices that are sending work to me, I am not allowed to question it and if they send it to me that I “have to do the work if they do not want to.” I was also told that the higher supervisor does not remember ever instating the new policy and that I shouldn’t be questioning anyone if they give me work, even if it is not my work to do because it is not my place to question things.

I feel very defeated right now. This is not the first time I have been “thrown under the bus,” talked down to, or basically accused up creating my own polices. I am constantly trying to make the office run more smoothly and save the company money where I can and I am always “slapped in the face” for it.

My immediate manager does not stand up for me and allows anyone and everyone to give me their own work, even though he knows it should be theirs to do. I question why I’m given more and more work when others have nothing to do and I’m told that “it is now my job to do XYZ.” I feel used and abused. I have a hard time distinguishing what is normal since I’ve been here so long.

Is this like it is in every workplace?

Is this normal behavior for supervisors in an office setting?

Am I really being abused like I feel or am I just too sensitive?

Please, let me know of your experiences. I’m at my wits end.

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