Another Year – Keep Going

victor-determinedyuri determined.jpg

As everyone around the world is either getting ready to celebrate the new year or has already celebrated, I am sitting here by myself contemplating what’s next for 2017.

I’ve realized that it has been, yet another year, at a job I am not happy with. It has been another year that I’ve used many excuses on why I cannot pursue at least one of my hobbies and make them into an income. It has been another year that I’ve haphazardly studied Japanese.

The year 2016 wasn’t the best for me, mostly due to my own doing or lack of doing. I’m sincerely hoping that 2017 will bring brighter days and prosperous outcomes.

There comes a time when you are tired of your own excuses and I think I’ve arrived at that point in my life. Some may feel they are truly stuck in their circumstances and that no matter what they do, they cannot get that better job or chase that dream. However, I know for myself, I’ve used nothing but excuses and I’m not as stuck as I think I am.

I’m not stuck because I lack an education. I’m not stuck because of the options I was afforded in my life. I’m stuck because I’m afraid. I’m stuck because I refuse to be confident and do something about my unhappiness. And these are all things I can change.

I’m afraid that if I make that leap to chase my dreams that I’ll end up falling flat on my face or wish that I wouldn’t have even left the comfort of my own hobbit hole. My anxiety ridden mind is continually trying to convince me that I may want what I have right now if I go for my dreams and then fail in some way- that I’ll regret I just wasn’t satisfied with with my job I have now. I’m afraid because I don’t have a guarantee of anything.

It’s frustrating when your mind and fear plays tricks on you like this. It tries to make you think that you may regret the future so it’s best to stay in your current predicament. But the truth is, that sneaky part of your mind is also is trying to convince you that you’re okay right now- when deep down, you know you’re not.

Fear is a liar. It doesn’t know that the unhappiness you feel now will be “better” than any unhappiness that you may feel in the future because you decide to chase your dream. Yet, the way fear twists your feelings, it makes you almost sure that it’s better to stay where you are unhappy- because at least you know what kind of unhappiness it is.

So, here we are, another year. This is my declaration to strive for better and not let the fear win. To myself and anyone else out there that wants a better job or feels stuck in their current life- I think it’s time we take baby steps toward our dreams and be curious about the good things that could happen in this new year.

We all know there aren’t guarantees in life, no matter how much we want them. We need to trust ourselves more and know that we are worth having a life and job we are happy with. Even if your dream sounds lofty, remember, even the most ambitious people started with one small step.

The difference ¬†between those that succeed and those that don’t may be something as simple as the successful kept going and kept making those small steps, while others stopped in discouragement.¬†

So lets get out there and make those small steps toward our goals and dreams. Keep going and enjoy the small wins this upcoming year. Remember that if you keep going, even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal when you want, you still will be further along than when you first started. And that is something to be proud of.

Don’t discount small victories, they add up to big ones.

I’m determined to make 2017 awesome! (See my determined faces above, courtesy of Victor and Yuri from Yuri!!! on Ice)

Enjoy the new year everyone. I wish each and everyone of you happiness and success.

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