I loathe nothing more than a sick coworker. Anyone else?


Purell. Lysol. Sani-Wipes. These are the things I covered my little area of our office in. Well, the Purell was for my hands, but you get the point. I have a boss that refused to take a sick day or two when he had over 500 hours accrued. He also refused to cover his mouth most times or wash his hands. And here I am having to touch paper and surfaces that he infected. Now I sit at home with a pounding head, sore throat, blocked sinuses, and I can’t stop coughing. I think my head may explode at times. If you are sick, especially if you have the time, stay the f**k home! For everyone’s sake.

I am so over my job anyway but it makes it so much worse during cold and flu season and you have a boss that will not take a sick day. Every single time he brings in his germs I end up getting sick and having to take time off. I work in the public sector and interact with those that I’d rather not be spreading my germs to–society needs them healthy. Why he does not realize this I do not know.

My boss is another one of those that thinks it’s heroic and good for the business if he never takes a day off. I call bullshit. You aren’t helping anyone by getting everyone in your vicinity sick with your awful illness and you will get others sick if you do not wash your hands and take simple courteous precautions. He does not.

What is with some (most?) businesses that give employees ample sick time but then do not want you to use it? Or they discourage using it on the down low? That is the stupidest most ignorant thing ever. Employees that attend work sick are not going to be nearly as productive, if at all, and while they are “toughing it out” others in the office are being infected right and left.

When I return to work I guarantee that there will be work piled on my desk because I have no one to take my place when I’m absent. My boss is supposed to pick up the slack but 99% of the time he does not or he tries a couple things, does them wrong, and then quits. Later telling me, “Well I wouldn’t want you to not have anything to do.”

Yeah, can you say, dick?

I used to really like my boss but in the ten years plus I’ve gotten to like him less and less. He can be a nice person at times but he’s a terrible boss that had no training. The snide comments, lack of help, and blatant performance punishment have made me bitter, resentful, cynical, and downright depressed. I know I need to move on but I feel I’m stuck since I do not want another admin job.

My negative view of my employer and boss is also exacerbated by the feeling I get when I return from my sick leave. I’ve got ample time saved, nowhere near 500 hours, but some. And yet I always feel like I’m punished when I return. I’m punished for taking the time to heal when I’m sick because my boss just went to work anyway and he expects the same of me. No, I’m sorry. This job is not worth it to me to drag myself out of bed and get everyone I come into contact sick because he wants me to be a martyr like him. It’s not like I work in a hospital. I can be gone a day or two.

Anyone else deal with these types of issues? I’m sure there are a lot of you out there.

I correct my former statement by the way. I think I loathe bosses that expect you to devote yourself to a company that does not give a shit about you worse than the sick coworkers.

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