It’s been…a while. I’ve been fighting my own demons and came to the conclusion that I need to start writing down some of the stuff I think during the day at my soul-sucking day job. So, incoming–my new Redbubble Store! It’s going to be filled with sassy, quirky sayings plastered on mugs, shirts, and more. Check it out, will ya? Redbubble Store!



When it feels like you’re being singled out…


Everyone makes mistakes.

We all try not to make errors at work, but sometimes it happens no matter how hard we work to prevent them. My position is a busy one and I am often given more work than my counterparts at other offices. We are busier, therefore, we have the opportunity to make more mistakes.

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Depression is a Real Illness


The mental health issues in this country (U.S.) seem to be getting worse and worse. Everyday you hear horrible stories of people getting murdered, getting abused, or committing suicide.

Even in this day and age, openly talking about mental issues is taboo or just not talked about. I wish more people would just start talking and maybe, just maybe, people would realize it is not a personal failure to have depression, anxiety, or any mental illness and talking about it is not only ok, but helpful. Continue reading

Normal or Abuse?


It has gotten worse for me these last few weeks. I have been too upset to even write, my hair has starting falling out, and I feel extremely depressed often.

I find myself always questioning myself and the things going on at work. I think that I am in such a toxic environment that I cannot even tell what is normal workplace behavior or abuse.

I am being forced by my superiors to do other coworkers’ jobs and am told that I am not allowed to question it. Directly being told that I have to do others’ work if they do not want to…is that normal or abusive?

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