I loathe nothing more than a sick coworker. Anyone else?


Purell. Lysol. Sani-Wipes. These are the things I covered my little area of our office in. Well, the Purell was for my hands, but you get the point. I have a boss that refused to take a sick day or two when he had over 500 hours accrued. He also refused to cover his mouth most times or wash his hands. And here I am having to touch paper and surfaces that he infected. Now I sit at home with a pounding head, sore throat, blocked sinuses, and I can’t stop coughing. I think my head may explode at times. If you are sick, especially if you have the time, stay the f**k home! For everyone’s sake. Continue reading

GearBubble, RedBubble, and Teespring Stores!

gearbubblelogoredbubblelogo  teespring-squarelogo-1515809010239

It’s been…a while. I’ve been fighting my own demons and came to the conclusion that I need to start writing down some of the stuff I think during the day at my soul-sucking day job. So, incoming–my new GearBubble, RedBubble, and Teespring Stores! They are going to be filled with sassy, quirky sayings plastered on mugs, shirts, and more. I’ll have my author mugs on there as well. Check ’em out, will ya? GearBubble Store   Redbubble Store!  Teespring Store