Office Slave


I feel like an office slave.

I feel, that because I am an administrative assistant, it means I am supposed to do any job or duty that all other supervisors or employees do not want to do.

I feel abused, unappreciated, and taken advantage of and it is a terrible feeling. Continue reading

Bullying in the Workplace


What is a bully?

Is it always obvious that you or someone else is being bullied?

Normally we think of bullying as someone that attacks us physically, which can lead to physical harm as well as mental harm, but rarely is it physical when it is at the workplace.  Continue reading

Is this an office or a night club?


All the windows and doors around the office area are shut. When you walk in the front door you can hear music playing and loud bass; it is muffled somewhat but it is clearly there. At times you can hear someone signing along to the thumping music from the back of the office. This is what I have to deal with; sometimes on a daily basis. At times I want to ask, “Is this an office or a night club that I’m working at?” Continue reading