I believe that life is too short to feel stuck in a place that you are not happy with.

I believe that if you are in a job or career you are not happy with you can get out. Getting out may take months and years, but you can do it.

I want to help you do it and find that job or career you love. If you need a ear, I want to be there. If you need advice on what to do next, I want to help. I want my blog and forums to be a place where we can vent and get advice on how to get out of those unhappy jobs and careers.

Life is just too short to be that unhappy with the job that you spend most of your time at during your life. I am going through the same issues with trying to get out of an unfulfilling career, so I’ve been there. I am there.

Lets take steps together to find what you want out of life so you don’t have to dread going into work each day.

I’m working on finding my Ikigai, my reason for being. What is yours?