What is Your Personality?


I usually do not put much stock in personality tests. Most seem to be rather generic and unhelpful. Some I’ve taken told me just the things I already know about myself; that I’m an introvert and I do well working alone and that is it. Not much help right?

Upon a recommendation from Skillcrush.com’s newsletter, I tried a new personality test from 16personalties.com. I was astonished.  Continue reading

Office Slave


I feel like an office slave.

I feel, that because I am an administrative assistant, it means I am supposed to do any job or duty that all other supervisors or employees do not want to do.

I feel abused, unappreciated, and taken advantage of and it is a terrible feeling. Continue reading

Is this an office or a night club?


All the windows and doors around the office area are shut. When you walk in the front door you can hear music playing and loud bass; it is muffled somewhat but it is clearly there. At times you can hear someone signing along to the thumping music from the back of the office. This is what I have to deal with; sometimes on a daily basis. At times I want to ask, “Is this an office or a night club that I’m working at?” Continue reading